2016 Sessions

Keynote Presentation: State of the PERS Industry

Daniel Oppenheim, Affiliated Monitoring

An exclusive view of the demographic changes driving the growth in the PERS industry. See the trends in the industry presented like never before.

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Executive Spotlight: The Complete Guide to Building a PERS Company

Geoff Gross, Medical Guardian

Geoff has built the most dynamic PERS company in the industry. There’s nobody better to hear from on what it takes to grow your sales and your team for today and the future.

Benchmarking: Is Your Sales Technology Holding You Back?

Matt Solomon, Affiliated Monitoring

Nick Delis, Five9
Michael Marks, Perennial Software

Cloud-based sales technology can accelerate your growth and streamline your business. On this panel, hear from two leading experts on how to successfully integrate these services into your company.

So You Want to Work with a Telemarketer: 7 Essential Tips

Michele Shuster, MacMurray, Petersen & Shuster, LLP

Don’t let misplaced fear hamper your sales growth. Find out how to take advantage of this sales channel while managing your risk.

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Mobile Mania: Catch the Wave of Mobile PERS

Jesse Rivest, Affiliated Monitoring

Matt Campbell, Nortek Security & Control
Jake Chandler, LiveFree Emergency Response

In the growing PERS marker, no segment is growing faster than mobile. During this panel, we will examine how to tailor sales techniques to tap into this younger and more affluent market segment.

Executive Spotlight: How I Grew a Multi-Channel PERS Company

Ritch Haselden, Essence Group

Hear secrets from a seasoned executive on how he built a successful PERS company. Learn from his mistakes and borrow his sales and marketing strategies as you grow your own PERS company.

Special Guest, Bobby Valentine - Managing in the Majors: Running a Big League Team

Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine managed over 3,000 games in MLB and Japan each day dealing with high-pressure situations and outsized egos and personalities. With his unique blend of insight, intellect and self-deprecating humor, there is nobody better than Bobby V. to help you run your company like a Big League Team.

Sponsor Presentations

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